2007-06-04 (updated 2018-01-06)


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“How often do we tell our own life story? How often do we adjust, embellish, make sly cuts? And the longer life goes on, the fewer are those around to challenge our account, to remind us that our life is not our life, merely the story we have told about our life. Told to others, but—mainly—to ourselves”. 1

I spent quite a bit of time trying to make up my mind what should be on this blog homepage - whether it should be info about myself or the notes that I wrote. Ultimately I decided to show the articles because it is not about me but my contents.

I do not have a specific theme of topics that are covered in this blog. Mainly what I want to share revolves around my work, life and interests. If you expect a lot of randomness, this blog is for you.

  1. Julian Barnes, The Sense of an Ending, ISBN-10: 0224094157