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For decades I've been continually slipping deeper into severe existential crisis, sehnsucht, autistically-driven depression, and virtue-theoretic vertigo in handling the anciently-rooted post-modern destructive viral force in my mind's fundamental memeplexes. I've been revolting against the absurd, thrashing around and drowning at sea while absent-mindedly trying to build a nəʊˈækɪk Neurathian bootstrapped existential liferaft (references pointing to references into an infinigressing coherentist-foundation) from nothing but myself.

The beginning of this wiki, a self-debugging and self-constructing metamodern vehicle, was the paradoxically purpose-filled (hope almost by definition) formation of a stable liferaft of my own devising. Stoically owning my loneliness has opened me up to talking to myself; and I could not be more grateful to myself for it.

This wiki has been a risk worth taking. My pain transmutes into courage.